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Equine euthanasia: a humane end-of-life

While end-of-life decisions aren’t easy for anyone who has cared for horses, ultimately there will come a time when they are necessary. To ensure the animal’s well-being, comfort, and humane end, caregivers should always have a plan in place for euthanasia. Being proactive not only gives owners an opportunity to make informed choices based on quality of life and financial considerations, it allows for the exploration of euthanasia and disposal options that are in alignment with individual values. A planned approach is important because it can help alleviate stress during difficult times and ensure proper care for an animal in their final moments. The Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada (HWAC) is committed to ensuring that all equine owners and caretakers across Canada have access to equine welfare and best practice resources. We advocate for continual improvement in all aspects of animal care and stress the importance of considering equine welfare on a daily basis and through the animal life cycle … [read more]

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Equine Transport

The Equine Transport Understanding Canada’s Transport of Animals Regulations document clarifies the legal requirements that apply to all individuals engaged in the decision-making and transport process for transporting injured, ill, or compromised equines. This includes owners, caregivers, enforcement personnel, veterinarians, hired transporters, and others involved in equine transport. The information provided also extends to disaster or emergency preparedness and response. Injured, ill, or otherwise impaired animals are classified as compromised or unfit under federal transport regulations. Violating transport regulations can lead to legal penalties, including, but not limited to, fines, confiscation of animals, and in some cases, criminal charges. Click here to learn more about the Equine Transport Understanding Canada’s Transport of Animals Regulations document, as well as other equine transport resources.

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Who Are We?

The Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada (HWAC) is an alliance of equine industry experts, veterinarians, and horse owners whose purpose is to disseminate accurate information related to the Canadian horse industry.