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Concerned about the welfare of equines?

Please notify authorities if you suspect any animal is:

  • Lacking adequate and/or acceptable quality food and water
  • Exposed to extreme cold or heat and/or without shelter
  • Not provided with suitable care and/or medical attention if wounded aged or ill
  • Confined in an area where obstacles or equipment may present a danger of injury
  • Kept in unsanitary conditions
  • Confined without adequate ventilation
  • Confinement for periods which may not allow sufficient exercise
  • Demonstrating extreme or unusual anxiety or distress


  • Alberta SPCA

British Columbia

  • Horse Council BC 1-800-345-8055 extension 1006


  • Manitoba Agriculture Animal Care Line In Winnipeg: 204-945-8000 Toll free: 1-888-945-8001

Nova Scotia

  • Nova Scotia Department of the Environment Compliance 1-877-936-8476


  • OMAFRA Animal Welfare – Animal abuse or neglect line 1-833-926-4625


  • Animal Protection Services Saskatchewan – Hours 8-5 pm. Tel. 306-382-0002 or Toll Free 1-844-382-0002 After hours emergencies contact your local RCMP


  • MAPAQ Plaintes : Sécurité et bien-être des animaux 1-844-264-6289