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Transporting Your Horse

Resources and training courses for horse owners and caregivers


Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)


The Livestock Identification and Commerce Act (LICA) governs the transportation of horses both within Alberta and to destinations outside Alberta.

Horse Hauling Course

Looking for information on hauling horses? Check out the Horse Hauling Course for recreational and performance horse owners and caregivers, it covers:

  • trailer design
  • animal behaviour and handling
  • handler safety
  • biosecurity
  • horse comfort during transport
  • incident (accident) response
  • transport regulatory requirements for Canada
  • insurance requirements
  • manifests and horse permits

Resources & Links


Just PassingGreg Alexander, Calgary, AB

Phone: 403.680.4177 |

Regular transport services are available from Just Passing, I provide personal on-site assistance and advice, assisting with the agony of coming to the final decision of your equine companion. Just Passing provides compassionate, respectful and timely removal service for deceased companion horses. I will move your horse to the final destination of choice and provide support and counsel in the last moments. Available options in Alberta include: “cycle of life”, cremation, burial, rendering. Just Passing goal is “No horse owner will say “Where were you when I needed you?”!!!”

Devoted to treating you and your horse with compassion, dignity and respect

The Calgary Humane Society is pleased to be associated with Just Passing. They provide excellent service and their customer service and compassion is top rated.

Joe Coffin, WO (Ret’d) CD, General Manager Operations, Calgary Humane Society